Who We Are



In 1983, the parish in Jipapad, Eastern Samar, became the Mother House of the Canossian Fathers and Brothers in the Philippines. Mons. Angelo Saverio Zanisi, a former Canossian, first came to the suburban place and started the mission in the Philippines. Fr. Vittorio Cavallaro came after a short span of time and started the Canossian mission, which later was followed by Fr. Eduardo Lanzalaco, FdCC. After several years of silent work with the pastoral commitment of these three dedicated Canossian missionary priests among the poorest in the jungle of Samar, the Lord has gifted the Congregation with new vocations and new communities.

On September 26, 1986, Fr. Stefano Arnone and Fr. Carlo Bittante arrived in Manila accompanied by Fr. Sergio Pinato, the Vicar General and were welcomed by the Canossian Sisters. The following year (1987), Fr. Giovanni Gentilin also came. Finally, on June 5, 1988, we officially opened the formation house with the first group of eight young men from Luzon, Samar, and Mindanao. Since then, in the past 25 years, several groups of seminarians have entered and joined the program, the majority were Filipinos, but we also welcomed young men from East Timor, Indonesia, India, Singapore, and Malaysia.

On September 12, 2011, we formally launched the Bakhita Canossa Foundation Inc as means of support for our seminarians as well as our missionary works.

The Bakhita Canossa Foundation Inc. supports our advocacies on Vocation, which includes the promotion, propagation, and growth of the mission in the spirit of Canossian Sons of Charity- Our Lady of Sorrows Delegation in the spirit of St. Magdalene of Canossa and St. Josephine Bakhita through formation and education of priests, seminarians, and lay collaborators; Youth Development which prioritizes the education of less fortunate children; Calamity and Disaster Response by providing programs that will aid the people after being devastated by the said calamity, and also Infrastructure which comprises the establishments of churches, formation houses, youth centers and development of projects and programs for the benefit of members and beneficiaries in the Philippines and missions of the congregation in other countries, in which resources were taken from all different individual/ collective advocacies within and outside the congregation. It operates small business enterprises as a result of livelihood projects to promote organic and healthy products, which allows micro-entrepreneurs to legitimate food suppliers while funneling any extra income to social service projects.


Bakhita Canossa Foundation Inc. (BCFI) envisions a grateful community of caring and sharing in the spirit of charity and humility empowered as a channel of God’s love and compassion for humanity.


The Bakhita Canossa Foundation Inc. (BCFI) believes that every person deserves God’s love and the fullness of life. It is then our selfless commitment to making Jesus known and loved by uplifting human conditions.


•Transparency •Integrity •Credibility •Service


•To establish a continuing, systematic, and long-term program for generating funds that will be used solely for the development of the institution where procedures and guidelines are properly observed.

To provide financial assistance for community-based programs and to ensure the quality of implementation for the continuity of the grants.

To establish a database system and maintain a collaborative partnership with donors and benefactors.