Global Sleepout 2022

Bakhita Canossa Foundation Inc. (BCFI) goal for 2022 is to serve 10,850 food packs thru our feeding program/soup kitchens and to turn over 20 houses with our housing project in Samar. The total anticipated budget is ₱7,323,550.00

On February 26, 2022 together with the other Philanthropic Development Organizations (PDOs) in the Spring Rain Global PDO Ecosystem, BCFI-PDO is taking part in the Global Sleepout, an awareness, fundraising, and solidarity event to help the homeless and the vulnerable.

The Global Sleep Out is an offshoot of Spring Rain Global and Vincentian Foundation’s participation in the World’s Big Sleepout last 2019.  The event then was held simultaneously in Manila and Cebu.  It was able to raise 7,800 USD and was participated in by 960 participants.  Last year, we shifted to our own brand – The Global Sleep Out for the benefit of the PDOs in the SRG Ecosystem doing various advocacies for the homeless – from building homes and providing shelters for the poor, elderly, and orphans; to livelihood, savings program, and community development initiatives; to feeding programs and soup kitchens.

We challenge participants to feel how it is to be homeless even for just one night, by not sleeping on their beds, but outside, or on the floor. Your act of solidarity and your P500 donation will really help us a lot to be able to continue our programs.

There will be a program that will be live-streamed in the SRG and Bakhita Canossa Foundation Inc. Fb page as we learn about the different initiatives and the rest of the other organizations in our ecosystem are doing to care for the homeless and the vulnerable.

We welcome gifts-in-kind or financial pledges or donations:

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