Kalinga ni Bakhita Scholarship Program Updating and Home Visit

Last October 26, 2021, we conducted a home visit to the scholars in the IP Communities since face-to-face is not yet allowed by the government.

As we interview them, most of them cannot remember the name of the school they are enrolled in because it’s been 2 years since they went to the school. Their parents are the ones who get their modules in the school once a week. Some of them really have a hard time coping up with the modular classes because they still be needing an internet connection to research and since they are in the rural area the network is unable.

Thank you Kalinga Ni Bakhita Core Group for saying YES to our mission. As they say “If you want to go fast walk alone but if you want to go far, walk together.

“Let’s walk and journey together as we Make Jesus known and Loved, and serve the poor and the little ones.

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“Walk with us as our mission partner and we’ll walk side by side with our beneficiaries.