GOTO School Program

GOTOshool Fundraising Program

The BCFI Scholarship Program is the response to the call of St. Magdalene of Canossa to make Jesus known so that he may be loved. This means for us to empower the underprivileged but deserving students to uplift them from where they are. This is to provide the necessary resources to pursue higher learning.

It is said “there is no better way of protecting the poor from becoming vulnerable victims of opportunism than providing them the basic ammunition against education inadequacy. The strength of any nation lies with its people, whose success depends on proper education.”

Our goal is to give financial assistance to qualified beneficiaries to complete their studies successfully and fruitfully within the prescribed period. As we reach out to the young people who have the desire for quality and proper education we are also exerting efforts to tap all possible external and community resources.

The GOTOschool Program aims to raise P100,000.00 funds for the school year 2022-2023.

Here’s what they do

  1. Assist the current 36 active scholar students.
  2. Accommodate 25 applicants in line for the application.
  3. Assist the operational cost of the scholarship program.