Gift-A-Meal Project

How it works:

  1. Food Vouchers will be sold in the denomination of P100 to give a meal to someone in need.
  2. Each voucher will have an equivalent meal based on the voucher price.
  3. At the end of the month, ALL sold vouchers will be counted.
  4. Based on the voucher sold, food will be bought from our registered supplier.
  5. Canossian will lead the logistics for this program, from the selling of food vouchers to distribution to the beneficiary.

Become a Food Partner

  1. Sign-up to BCFI Giving Circle as a supplier.
  2. Promotional materials will be handled by the organizer.
  3. An online launch will be held to ensure the product and event are known to the public.
  4. A weekly dashboard of sales will be shared for visibility and transparency to suppliers.