TAAL Eruption Relief Giving

 It was in this year 2020 that turn the world into silence. Every being’s movement has changed; the beliefs and even the long-term priorities that each of us wants to aim for have changed within a fraction of time. Our lives focus more on our survival and the safety of ourselves and our family members.

On January 12, 2020, the Philippines experienced the devastating explosion of the Taal volcano in Batangas after 43 years after its previous eruption in 1977. Seeing the victims and those affected by the Taal Volcano’s explosive eruption, the Bakhita Canossa Foundation, alongside the help of the benefactors, and collaborators was able to extend its primary goal to assist those who are suffering and those needing assistance. One of the advocacies of the Bakhita Canossa Foundation is to assist those who are affected by calamity. In connection with that time, the Foundation made an immediate response to help those in need, especially to those barely receiving some assistance from the government and private organization. 

The Bakhita Canossa Foundation under the Canossian Sons of Charity was able to support and contribute to St. Joseph Parish – Kaytitinga, Alfonso Cavite who accommodated 57 families, Ligaya Drive Community with 20 families, and to the archdiocese of Lipa Social Action Center. a total of more than 50 kilos of vegetables, meat, frozen foods, canned goods and 350 gallons of water; we were also able to provide some sanitary/hygienic products that were also necessary to assist them in that moment of difficulty. Seeing the world is changing means that we should also change the way we live. We cannot afford to let the world suffer, moreover, to let our brothers and sisters feel that they are alone, especially in times of difficulties. The call to be more compassionate to the earth and to our brothers and sisters might be the message of this changing world.