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The Bakhita Canossa Foundation -Philanthropic Development Office (BCFI -PDO) Advocacy on Youth Development (Scholarship Program) wants to increase the opportunities of a better life with empowered and nurtured children and youth through proper and quality education.

The youth who are the backbone of the nation, the now of the nation, and the future pillars of the country (comprising 30M in 2015) are left unattended and unheard. They are facing several challenges today like education, employment, teenage pregnancy, early marriage, sexuality, risk behaviors (smoking and illegal substance use).

The youth face challenges that affect their health (mental and physical), educational development, and recreation opportunities. These challenges can be conquered by effectively mobilizing and accessing the limited resources. Through partnerships with stakeholders of all ages, community involvement, local solutions, and the learning process approach, rural areas can increase community capacity, which can enhance positive youth development and improve the quality of life of the community.

It is said that “there is no better way of protecting the poor from becoming vulnerable victims of opportunism than providing them the basic ammunition against education inadequacy. The strength of any nation lies with its people, whose success depends on proper education.”

The BCFI-PDO Youth Development Program (Scholarship Program) aims to give financial assistance to qualified beneficiaries to complete their studies successfully and fruitfully within the prescribed period to address the gap they face today.

BCFI-PDO Youth Development Program funding sources include private donations from individuals, sponsorship, and income-generating projects. The total anticipated budget for 3 years is ₱2,365,887.27.

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