WE ARE ONE in this pandemic

 One of the advocacies of the Bakhita Canossa Foundation is to have a program in which it can reach those affected by various calamities and disasters, especially in this time of global pandemic of the Novel Corona virus-19. With the Canossian Vocation team’s help, we reached out to 1,030 families, including our brothers and sisters, who are living on the streets in some areas of Quezon City and Manila City.

One of the realizations of the Covid-19 that is happening to most of the institute was to be safe and to have less contact with others to avoid the said virus. But it was within the charism of St. Magdalene of Canossa to be the servant of the poor, the youths, and the little ones that made the Canossian Sons of Charity stir its member not just to contemplate to the word of God but to be a herald and servant of the Good news.

The Covid -19 may negatively impact the world, bringing confusion, depression, sickness, and sometimes death. But it also tells us that more than what is happening, it should not only be the virus that we should be focusing on but the Word of God and how we may be able to put it into action as a follower of Christ who assisted our brothers and sisters who are in dire need.