Through our generous benefactors, our parish, St. Josephine Bakhita Parish, in Bayan-bayanan, Pag-asa, Orani, Bataan has been continuously supporting our aeta indigenous people community especially in their education. St. Josephine Bakhita Kindergarten School has 23 IP students last school year 2016-2017. Six students successfully passed the examination this year and they are now promoted and enrolled at Pag-asa Elementary School located in the center of the village to continue their primary education.

The parents of these students were not able to have the opportunity for education due to lack of possibility when they were still residing in the remote vicinity of mountains of Bataan and Zambales. Thus they have also difficulty of understanding the importance of education for their children. As a result, the problem of lack of support for for the children especially encouraging them to study is a constant challenge for us. Enrollees are going down. However, we need to encourage more the parents and the students to enroll and study for preparation for their future. Through the teacher Miss Kathleen and our foundation staff’s regular home visitation, we are positive that we can tap more students to study and encourage parents’ support for their children.

To assist their needs, we continue our daily lunch feeding program so that the parents will not be bothered to look for food for their children during lunchtime. They are also given their daily allowance for their school needs. Consequently as the abovementioned result, six were already promoted to the next level of their studies. This is possible because of your generous support for these children and you are indeed part of their journey in preparing for their brighter future. May God will bless you always.